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Quang Le

Quang L (born January 24), a Vietnamese American singer with Thy Nga Productions, known for his covers of traditional Vietnamese songs created and written before, during and about the Vietnam War. Quang L achieved success at a young age, with hits such as Sương Trắng Miền Qu Ngoại, Đập Vỡ Cy Đn, Đường Về Qu Hương and Tương Tư Nng Ca Sĩ.


Quang L was born in Vietnam, with family roots from Central Vietnam in the City of Huế. He is the third son in a family of 6 siblings, and one adopted sister. His family immigrated to the United States in 1991, and initially settled in Missouri. His family then moved to Orange County, California.

Although Quang L had been singing at a very young age, it was not until the year 2000 that Quang L decided to become a singer professionally.

Singing career

Prior to appearing on the Paris By Night stage, a musical production created by Thy Nga Productions, Quang L sang for a smaller music production called Ca Dao. He released three albums with Ca Dao singing Qu Hương songs such as Ngại Ngng, Em Ve Voi Nguoi, Chim So Ngy Xưa, Tinh Cha and Lối Thu Xưa. He was even given the opportunity to sing with a very famous female Vietnamese singer at the time, Phi Nhung, on two songs entitled Ngy Đ Đơm Bng and Ngau Hung Ly Qua Cau.Quang L had submitted a video to Thy Nga Productions but at the time, they did need singers to perform Qu Hương songs. He waited two years before he received an invitation to appear in Thy Ngas Paris by Night 66, entitled Người Tnh va Qu Hương, an opportunity that opened all doors for Quang L and started his journey to becoming one of the top selling artists within the Vietnamese music industry. On Paris by Night 66, Quang L sang Thư Xun Trn Rừng Cao from songwriter Trinh Lam Ngan.Quang L was invited again to appear on Thy Ngas Paris by Night 68 entitled Nửa Vầng Trăng. In this installment, he sang alongside an alumnus of Paris by Night and another Qu Hương singer, Tuong Nguyen, singing a mix of songs from song writer Duy Khnh.Quang L appeared again on the Paris by Night stage in number 69 entitled Song Ca Nợ Tnh singing Sương Trắng Miền Qu Ngoại by Đinh Min Vũ. It was Quang Ls cover of this song that the Vietnamese community began to recognize and respect Quang Ls voice and abilities despite his young age. In fact, in Paris by Night 89: Live in Korea, during his interview onstage by MC Nguyen Ngoc Ngan, Quang L shared with the audience his experience meeting song writer Đinh Min Vũ. Min Vũ had approached Quang L at one of his shows and gave Quang L two musical sheets he had written: one for the song Sương Trắng Miền Qu Ngoại and the second for a new song, Hai Qu. It is believed Hai Qu is part two of Sương Trắng Miền Qu Ngoại which Min Vũ wrote and has given to Quang L to perform. Audience in Paris by Night 89 was treated to Quang Ls performance of Hai Qu with his Huế accent.Quang Ls career began to take off and Quang L became a contracted singer for Thy Nga Productions, releasing various Qu Hương music albums, starting with Sương Trắng Miền Qu Ngoại which became the number one selling album in the same year it was released. The demand for Quang L began to increase, pushing Thy Nga to also release consecutively the following solo albums from Quang L: Kẻ Ở Miền Xa, and Xin Gọi Nhau L Cố Nhn.In Paris by Night 73 entitled The Best of Song Ca (Duets), Thy Nga decided to pair Quang L with Ngọc Hạ, and the audience immediately fell in love with the duet. Quang L and Ngọc Hạ brought the audience back to the town of Huế in the song Ai Ra Xứ Huế from Duy Khnh, sung in central accents. This duet sparked more demand from the audience to see more of Quang L and Ngọc Hạ together. In Paris by Night 79 entitled Dream, Thy Nga paired the two singers again in the song Tnh La Duyn Trăng from Hoai An and Ho Dinh and again in Paris by Night 94 25th Anniversary Part 1 with the song Tnh Ngho.Thy Nga Productions made special Xun (Spring) shows on the Paris by Night stage, starting with Paris By Night 76 entitled Xun Tha Huong. In this installment of Paris by Night, Quang L sang Xun Ny Con Về Mẹ Ở Đu, a very emotional song by Nhat Ngan. This began a series of songs for Mothers from Quang L on Paris by Night Xun specials. In Paris by Night 80 entitled Tết Khắp Mọi Nh, Quang L sang the song Mừng Tuổi Mẹ (Celebrating Mothers Birthdays). In Paris by Night 85, the third installment of Thy Ngas Xun specials titled Xun Trong Ky Niem, Quang L sang Xun Ny Con Khng Về, receiving much recognition for his cover of the song.The release of 7000 m Gp Lại brought Quang L to a much more broad audience, as oppose to just the older generation. He continued to sing Qu Hương songs such as Thnh Phố Sau Lưng and Xin Em Đừng Khc Vu Quy as well as a duet with another famous Qu Hương singer, Như Quỳnh in the song Đm Bơ Vơ from Duy Khnh. Quang L also sang with singer Hương Thủy in a very sweet cover and upbeat pop song Tnh Nhỏ Mau Qun. This song brought his audience back to the days of youth and falling in love back in the old country. Quang L provided a unique remixed to the song Xin Đừng Trch Đa Đa by adding a trance mix to it, very different from what the audience expects from him. He also provided to the audience a romantic ballad in Hy Về Đy Bn Anh from Duy Manh, which attracted a different audience, mainly from the younger generation, who was able to connect to the meaning of the song. The success of this song also proved that Quang Ls voice is transparent and can successfully transpire to many different music genres.In Paris by Night 82, Quang L sang Đập Vỡ Cy Đn by Hoa Linh Bao. His performance sparked the released of his next CD, titled Đập Vỡ Cy Đn which again has Quang L continuing to explore other music genres. He continued to provide to the audience with traditional Vietnamese music such as Chuyện Ba Ma Mưa and Nhật K Hai Đứa Mnh, a romantic Qu Hương song loved by many from the older generation. The CD had a guest star from a very famous and beloved female artist, Minh Tuyết, who normally do not sing Qu Hương songs but sang Bi Ca Kỷ Niệm with Quang L. Although not a common pairing, the two singers provided a nice cover of the song. Quang L also duet again with Hương Thủy in another cute song called Chuyện Tnh Nơi Lng Qu again about young love in the old country. He was also given an opportunity to duet with Quỳnh Dung, his Godsister, whom in a previous interview he mentioned was the one person he wanted to duet with. In this CD, Quang L also explored a short Tan Co number, a traditional music genre from southern Vietnam called Lo Hen. He also sang Tiễn Bạn Ln Đường, a Chinese song translated into Vietnamese. He also continued to bring to the younger audience a romantic ballad in the song Tnh Em L Đại Dương from Duy Manh.In Paris by Night 88, Thy Nga decided to dedicate the show to the Vietnamese song writer Lam Phuong, who has provided the Vietnamese community with a number of Qu Hương songs. The show was called Đường Về Qu Hương (Journey Back to the Countryside). Quang L was invited to sing the song written by Lam Phuong, with the same title as the show Đường Về Qu Hương. In this show, performances were done live and Quang L, appearing more mature in a black suite, open collar and longer hair, provided a very upbeat version of the song.In Paris by Night 90, Thy Nga put together a show dedicated to the Vietnamese Women. Quang L, alongside other singers, Khanh Ly, The Son, Tm Đoan , Hương Thủy and Thanh Truc was part of a performance dedicated to all mothers, called Lng Mẹ Việt Nam. Quang L sang the song, titled Lng Mẹ Việt Nam which describes the pain of a mother who must see her sons off to war and longingly waits for words from them and their safe return. Quang L received positive feedback for his cover of this song, as he was able to pour so much emotion into the song, while maintaining very soothing and sweet vocals. In this show, Thy Nga also paired Quang L with a new singer to Paris by Night, Mai Thin Vn, in the song Nước Non Ngn Dặm Ra Đi. The duet proved to be a success and requests for the two to sing again was overwhelming. In Paris by Night 92 Nhạc Yu Cầu, where the audience was able to send in requests to Thy Nga, Quang L was paired up with Mai Thin Vn again in a very adorable performance of G Cửa Tri Tim and the audience, young and old alike immediately fell in love with the two. The two paired up again in Paris by Night 94 singing two songs o Em Chưa Mặc Một Lần and Vng Nhẫn Cưới.Quang L released a new album with all his greatest hits. The CD was called Hai Qu: Platinum and included songs sang on the Paris by Night stage including Thư Xun Trn Rừng Cao, Đm Trao Kỷ Niệm, Hương Tc Mạ Non and Cay Đắng Bờ Mi. The CD also featured other songs requested by his fans included Mất Nhau Rồi and Tm Sự Người Ht Rong. While the Paris by Night audience was falling in love with the Quang L and Mai Thin Vn duet, his fans still loved his duets with Hương Thủy. The two again sang another song called Nh Anh Nh Em about young love back in Vietnam.Thy Nga decided put together a show dedicated to the three regions of Vietnam, Huế, Saigon, Hanoi in Paris by Night 91. Quang L, with a group of male singers, sang Từ Miền Bắc and Vo Miền Nam created for each region. He also sang, with singer Khanh Ly, performed a very special performance remembering the Massacre of Hue. In this performance, Quang L provided the audience with a very moving song Những Con Đường Trắng, of him falling in love with a local traditional Vietnamese girl and then finding her body during the massacre. The whole performance brought back many memories to the audience and made many emotional.After performing with Mai Thin Vn in Paris by Night 92, Quang L was given the opportunity to sing with his idol singer Y Lan in the song Tnh Hoi Hương. During the interview on stage by MC Ky Duyen, Quang L told the audience that singing with Y Lan was a request from him to Thy Nga to allow the pair to duet because he has idolized her for nearly 20 years.In Paris By Night 93, Thy Nga decided to create a show mirroring Americas Dancing with the Stars. In this installment, fans of Quang L saw a very different side to Quang L. In previous Paris By Night shows, Quang L participated in cultural dance but not ball room dancing. In Paris by Night 93, Quang L teamed up with singer/dancer Thuy Van and treated the audience to a Rumba dance to the song Biển Tnh. Although he received high marks from the guest judges, Quang L did not win the competition.Thy Nga celebrated Paris by Nights 25th anniversary with two shows: Paris by Night 94 and Paris by Night 95. He sang Tnh Ngho with Ngọc Hạ and o Em Chưa Mặc Một Lần and Vng Nhẫn Cưới with Mai Thin Vn. He also sang in a group song with all other singers in the Paris by Night show in the song Nếu Chỉ Cn Một Ngy. Quang L then treated to the audience to Tương Tư Nng Ca Sĩ from Cong Thanh Bich. The success of this song spurred the release of a full album, titled Tương Tư Nng Ca Sĩ. The album included more songs that were requested from his fans including Buồn Chi Em Ơi, Em Hy Về Đi, and a duet with Mai Thin Vn, Cc Anh Về.There was a lot of controversy when Quang Ls name was taken off of the Paris by Night 96 Nhạc Yu Cầu 2 poster. Speculations that Quang Ls contract was over with Thy Nga and that he would be joining Trung Tam Asia began to circulate. Quang L did not appear in the Paris by Night 96 show but made a surprise appearance in Paris by Night 97 singing Huế Mu Suong. This ended any rumours of Quang L leaving Thy Nga and put many hearts at ease. For the DVD release of Paris by Night 96, Thy Nga included an MTV of Quang L singing Đi Mắt Người Xưa. Fans got to see a very romantic side of Quang L as he cried in the video to his ex-love on her wedding day (just all an act of course). The video also provided a promotional ad to Quang Ls new album with Mai Thin Vn.

Music and religion

Quang L is a devout Buddhist and performs at many temples around the world, often for fundraising events. A major event which Quang L frequently participates in is Lễ Hội Quan m at the Việt Nam Buddhist Temple in Sugarland, Texas, located in the suburbs of Houston. Quang L also gets invitations from overseas Temple such as in France and Australia to perform. Quang L was approached by Nguyen Dat, vice president of the Vietnamese Buddhist Temple to release a Buddhist CD. In early 2009, in time for Lễ Hội Quan m, Quang L Entertainment released Git Nước Từ Bi (Tears of Compassion), an album dedicated to Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. The album comprises songs espousing Buddhist values. Quang Le will be re-releasing this under Thuy Nga, with special guest singers, entitled "Nước Mắt Từ Bi".

Although Quang L is a Buddhist, he also accepts invitations to perform at Churches, particularly fundraisers that helps the church. He also gets invited to perform at Marian Days, the main festival and pilgrimage for Vietnamese American Roman Catholics, celebrated since 1978 on the 28-acre (110,000 m2) campus of the Congregation of the Mother Co-Redemptrix in Carthage, Missouri.

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