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Vietnamese Singer Couples

 Vietnamese Singers    Thuy Nga Singers    Thuy Nga new Singers

 Biographies of Thuy Nga Singers

MCs Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen and Trinh Hoi happily on their wedding day

Singer and actress Y Phung and husband

Singer Truc Linh and husband on their wedding day

Sinnger Truong Vu and his wife

Singer Tran Thu Ha and husband

Singers Tam Doan and Tien Dung

Dancers Thuy Van and Tuan Hung

vietna15.jpg (12372 bytes)

Singer Thanh Truc and husband Vu Tuan Duc

vietna16.jpg (9536 bytes)

Singer Phuong Diem Hanh and husband

vietna17.jpg (6868 bytes)

Composer and singer Nhat Truong with his wife My Lan

vietna18.jpg (11198 bytes)

Mc Nguyen Ngoc Ngan and wife


vietna19.jpg (10512 bytes)

Singer Loan Chau and husband

vietna20.jpg (14184 bytes)

Singer Manh Quynh and wife on wedding day

vietna21.jpg (18540 bytes)

TV anchor, reportor, journalist and MC Leyna Nguyen and husband

vietna22.jpg (13115 bytes)

Singers Tommy Ngo and Linda Trang Dai

vietna23.jpg (11461 bytes)

Singer Lam Truong and wife

vietna24.jpg (17811 bytes)

Comedian Chi Tai wife Phuong Loan who is a singer

vietna25.jpg (22993 bytes)

Singer Cam Ly and husband on wedding day

vietna26.jpg (14464 bytes)

Singers Bang Kieu and Trizzie Phuong Trinh

vietna27.jpg (16118 bytes)

Singer Y Lan and husband

vietna28.jpg (9163 bytes)

Comedians Quang Minh and Hong Dao

vietna29.jpg (36420 bytes)

Huong Thuy and husband

vietna30.jpg (32502 bytes)

Như Quỳnh & ex boyfriend, Andy Quách

vietna31.jpg (41903 bytes)

Như Quỳnh, Andy Quách & Minh Tuyết

vietna32.jpg (17818 bytes)

Duy Quang & wife singer Yến Xuân

vietna33.jpg (84316 bytes)

Nhu Loan & boy freind

hltwed01.jpg (29371 bytes)

Ho Le Thu & husband

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